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More About Building Self-Love

Monique and Walt continue last week’s conversation on self-love,
starting with an email from listener Barbie, who couldn’t say “thank
you” enough times for the inspiration we gave to her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your college experience
stories. I was so moved last week when I head this episode. Your story
resonated with me Walt when I first heard it having attended a large
university myself and having a similar experience albeit not as intense.
When I heard Monique’s too and having such a similar story I had to
wonder: were we all caught in a naive bubble of the 70’s -parents not
knowing how to prepare us for the new post Vietnam war attitudes and
influences – prior to the “just say no” campaign?

“I suddenly was given all the independence yet no self discipline
(curfews and parental structure evaporated) or solid study habits
established. I struggled socially because I had experienced the party
scene and it wasn’t appealing or affordable to continue! I had to work
to attend college where many I roomed with had family funding.

“Although I thought I was focused on acquiring an education I blew it
because, I realize after years of analyzing, I didn’t have the skill set
to prioritize my time and energy. I got off track, and my life took
turns I wouldn’t have intentionally manifested. I felt shame and
disappointment for years, which fortunately and finally lead me to the
LOA community through Louise Hay’s and Wayne Dyer’s works and eventually
to you and all your fabulous cohosts! (*Make sure Cindie comes back, by
the way!! She deserves a break, but we need her back!!)

“None of this was my parents fault. They definitely did all they knew to
do. I’ve learned since, but I believe if I had HEARD what you intend to
share with these young people, Walt, my life would have been different.
Trust me, it’s by no means bad, as I have learned in the last 8+ years
how to manifest and accept “this or something better” and find joy in
the avenues my life has traveled. I believe I would have had a more
direct route to my happiness.

“Yesterday’s show with Dean re: loving yourself is a powerful one too!!
I also would like to join in on the games.

“Please keep up the amazing work, helping us all to raise the vibe and
easily share the LOA app and thoughts with others to increase the
collective vibrations of the universe.

“Thank you for keeping me tuned in, building my self respect, and
brightening my world!

“I am forever grateful.”

Monique also shares some of the techniques she uses with her clients to
teach them how to get into a higher vibe place.

Also, Walt tells Monique about the book, Real Success Stories of the Law
of Attraction, that he did with a bunch of life coaches three years ago,
and she asks for the link to it. Here it is:

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Introducing Monique Scott

Cindie Chavez is taking the next couple months off as a kind of
sabbatical, so Walt invited Monique Scott to fill in for her in the interim.

Monique was a guest on the show a couple of weeks ago, and she really
impressed everyone.

So asking her to join the team was a no-brainer, and she made it even
easier by immediately giving us an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

We started by reading a letter from listener Deborah talking about what
she liked about Monday’s show.

Then we got into an extended discussion about the importance of building
self-love, and this opened the door to reveal a number of surprising
similarities in Walt’s and Monique’s backgrounds and experiences,
including the fact that they both roomed with drug dealers in college!

This was a great first official episode with Monique, who is going to
work into the team here on LOA Today really well.

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Dream Interpretation And Speech Topics

Cindie and Walt respond to a listener email asking for help with
interpreting a rather remarkable dream she experienced on New Year’s Day.

Also, they kick around some concepts that he has been exploring in
preparing his talk that he plans to give to college students.

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