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Walt, Jake, and Gene talked about the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report that came out today, and they interviewed Dan O'Connor, who plans to run for Congress from the district in NYC that encompasses Chinatown, in the Democratic primary in 2012.

Gene DeNardo joined Walt to talk about the big FBI mob bust, online gambling, and the latest financial news. Jake joined the broadcast midway and talked about the gold Tunesia's former first family tried to smuggle out of the country, as well as the massive counterfeiting of the Euro by the Bank of Ireland.

Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) Committee, was the guest of Jake and Walt. GATA was organized in January 1999 to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial securities. GATA opposes collusion against a free market in gold, other precious metals, currencies, and related securities.

Walt also reported on how Haiti is faring one year after the devastating 7.0 earthquake hit the island nation, and the news is bad. 319,000 people died, and 800,000 remain homeless. 600,000 now have homes, but 95% of the debris still remains in the streets. Most of the promised foreign aid hasn't arrived, and of the money that HAS arrived, only 38% of it has been spent. Walt expressed amazement that they haven't been using some of the money to hire the homeless to help remove the debris and thereby kick-start the economy back into gear. The whole experience shows just how bad the international governments are at trying to save people, because one year later they have clearly done a terrible job.

Jake and Walt took a close look at the latest monetary system news and paid particular attention to the anticipated Wikileaks release later this month regarding a major, unnamed American bank. Could it be Bank of America?

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