At Your Command, by Neville Goddard, Part 6

This has been a lot of fun for Cindie and Walt to revisit Neville in
this book they had previously not discovered. In this final portion of
the book, Neville walks the reader step-by-step using biblical
references to reinforce this theme through the journey from doubter and
one who hopes to one who knows without doubt.

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Interviewing Isabel

After a fun visit from Louis’ daughter, Isabel, on Monday, Louis
suggested that he would like to hear me interview Isabel directly
without his involvement. I decided to add Cindie Chavez to the mix, and
the result is this wonderful interview you get to hear today.

We’ll pick up on Neville Goddard’s book, At Your Command, again next week.

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At Your Command, by Neville Goddard, Part 4

This episode is all about tithing, a topic we have not previously
encountered with Neville’s books. Both Cindie and Walt previously had
unfavorable ideas about tithing as it was originally taught by the
Church, but Neville’s take on it is completely different … and very cool

The concept as Neville explains it brings to mind a few real-world
examples that we discuss during the podcast, including the concept of
TIPS. Most people think of a tip as something you leave as an extra on a
bill at a restaurant, but it actually has an entirely different meaning.
TIPS is an acronym that means, “To Insure Proper Service.”

So here’s our tip:

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At Your Command, by Neville Goddard, Part 3

We begin today with the announcement that Cindie’s e-book, The Lovely
Magician’s Guide To Soulmate Success, is now a part of the LOA Today app!

Cindie then answers a question from Josie about creative pursuits in the
arts being high-vibration activities.

Once we return to discussing Neville’s book, we focus on the Neville
decoder ring to understand the metaphors Neville uses in this section of
the book.

Among the most important is the metaphor of the grasshopper among
giants, in which we catch a glimpse of just how immensely powerful we
source energy creators really are!

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Michele Blood Visits LOA Today

Michele has hobnobbed with some of the biggest names in the industry:
Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and others. But as
we discover in our interview with her today, she’s more than just a
high-flying celeb. She actually has an important story to share about
her own journey from the depths of depression to the heights of a joyful
and abundant life. She also has a FREE GIFT for all of our listeners,
including Michele’s new book, The Magic Of Affirmation Power that you
can get FOR FREE by visiting

Michele was hurt in a terrible accident just when her singing career was
taking off in the late 1980s. She was laid up in the hospital for
months, was given a horrible prognosis, and fell into a deep depression.
In the depths of her depression, someone popped a cassette tape of Earl
Nightingale reading Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich into a cassette
player. She couldn’t move anyway, so she was sort of forced to hear it.
But when he got to the part where Hill describes healing his newborn son
of congenital deafness over a period of years, it gave her hope for her
own recovery.

What followed, as happens so often in cases where people experience such
high levels of trauma, was a series of miracles that catapulted her into
a lifestyle she had never dreamed was possible. Her story will inspire
and delight you.

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At Your Command, by Neville Goddard, Part 2

After Walt and Cindie both talk for a moment about what they’re grateful
for in their lives, we pick up once again reading this Neville book that
we previously had not heard of.

It’s a return to Neville Day, and once again we find Neville addressing
basic concepts that we have heard him address so many times in the past.

Once again, God is consciousness and Jesus is imagination. Both Mary and
The Lord are awareness of being. And with these basics in place, Neville
pieces together the creative process that we implement using the “God
within us”.

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The Relief And Release That Accompanies Instant Self-Healing

Ami couldn’t join us today because of a family matter that came up. So
we’ll be discussing out of body experiences next week instead of this week.

However, that doesn’t mean that we lacked good material for this week.
Louis relates a story of how he got quite sick the night before today’s
podcast recording session, then put to use many of the tools in his
toolkit to heal himself instantly. Yes, one moment he was pretty sick,
and the next moment he was healed, and he KNEW he was healed!

This is what happens when one finally learns to live nearly all of the
time in a high-vibrational state while simultaneously appreciating the
value of contrast.

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Are You A Flat Earther Or A Round Earther?

Walt answers a couple of questions from Avinash, and then the pair take
a swing at some of the questions The Stream addressed on Tuesday.

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Joel Elston Pays Us A Visit

Cindie has been dealing with some illness the past few days, and while
she’s feeling better, we both thought it would be best for her to take
the day off.

Fortunately for us, our old friend Joel Elston had some last-minute time
available in his calendar for a return visit!

We spend most of the show talking about the many wonderful opportunities
and situations that are playing out right now, before our eyes, in the
midst of Covid, racial tensions, economic downturns, and all of the
other horrible stuff the media want us to focus our attention on.

But as we explain during the conversation today, there are so many
amazing seeds of growth being planted today it’s actually impossible to
count them all.

But we can certainly enjoy the ride!

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At Your Command, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Neville Goddard book cover-to-cover,
and we both missed doing them. So when some listeners asked for more
Neville Goddard commentary, Cindie stumbled across a Neville book we
hadn’t seen before.

Chapter 1 lays out some Neville concepts we’ve heard before, helping to
establish its place in his portfolio of work. He emphasizes the I AM
conception of what God really is. He drives home his primary concepts
about consciousness. And he lays the foundation for another clear
explanation about how word becomes reality. And he reaffirms his claim
that the Bible is not an historical document, but rather is a
psychological drama.

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