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Life coaches Kelly Pretty and Steve Rowell join Joel and Walt to talk about the Law of Attraction and their experiences as life coaches in the 21st century. Kelly and Steve both live and work in the U.K. where they have considerably followings.


Walt has made hinted references to a medical condition his wife, Louise, has been dealing with lately. Today, he tells Joel … and our listeners … the full story.

Wait until he gets to the climax of the story. It will stop your heart!

We spend a lot of time talking about what's going on when people feel they aren't deserving of the abundance they want to bring into their lives.

We do a follow-up with Paula about the question she asked last week. Plus we got some more great questions today!


We took live questions from the audience during this morning's livestream of the podcast.


Today we field questions from listeners, most of which surround using the Law of Attraction to address various kinds of medical issues.


Joel and Walt discuss this formative idea.


When The Stuff Doesn't Show Up

Joel Elston lends his expertise to our understanding of why stuff we try to attract using the Law of Attraction doesn't show up and gives practical advice on how to handle those situations.

Joel and Walt share a number of stories and discuss a number of scenarios where stuff doesn't show up, identifying what the root causes are in each case.

We also make some practical, concrete suggestions as to what anyone can do to improve their ability to bring "the big stuff" into their lives.

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Joel and Walt discuss.


What does that mean for us humans? Joel and Walt discuss.


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