Working with Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure company CEOs, professional
athletes, top executives and elite entrepreneurs, Noah is famous for
helping his coaching clients make more in 12 weeks than they did in the
past 12 months, while gaining 1-3 hours per day and 4-8 weeks per year.
He joins us on the show today to talk about some of the things he
teaches his clients.

He calls them “afformations” rather than affirmations, because he quite
convincingly argues that we must form them before we can affirm them.

The key to a successful afformation is to form it as a question into a
positive format.

“Will you have the success you crave?”

The question format induces the brain to quickly begin the
transformational process needed to make the afformation turn a dream
into reality.

Yes, there’s always an action piece, but it begins in the mind with a

What will your afformation be?

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