Erik "MR AWESOME" Swanson ~ Habits & Attitude Strategist

Seriously, that’s how he bills himself! Today we find out the truth of
the matter.

Actually, it turns out that the great Les Brown is the one who dubbed
Erik “Mr. Awesome”, and when Les Brown says so, you answer, “Yes sir!”

What we learn is that the Energizer Bunny is at best a poorWe relation
compared to Erik’s energy level. Wow! From the moment he turns his mic
on, he’s a powerhouse of enthusiasm!

After he tells us a bit about his life in high school where he formed
one of the most unusual gangs the world has ever seen, we learn how he
just started his life, packaged himself, and set out to help the world
to be better versions of themselves.

Walt and Sam pick his brain for ideas on how to build self-confidence,
how to stay as positive as possible throughout the day, and why master
minds are so vitally important in helping us to become who we yearn most
to be in life.

Plus Sam gives us a short piano solo at the beginning of the episode at
the special request of our guest.

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