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This week's show features some new theme music. Gene and Walt report on WalMart CEO Bill Stone's announcement that a new, big round of inflation is going to show up starting in June 2011. The guys also report on a new "artificial leaf" developed at MIT which is able to convert an incredible 76% of sunlight energy into usable energy.

This week's show focused on the LIBOR manipulation investigation by U.S. and European regulators and raised the question: if the biggest banks in the world conspired in 2008 to keep LIBOR rates artificially low, how do we know they're not also doing the same thing now? Walt, Jake, and Gene also talk about the latest news from Libya, Japan, and around the U.S.

Walt and Gene spent most of this program discussing the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan: the tragedy, the heroism, and the financial implications this event has for the U.S.

The guys discuss the latest events in Libya and throughout the world. Special attention is focused on manipulations by JP Morgan of the silver and gold market in an effort to convince the investing public that inflation is still low.

Jake got his headlines in during the first 15 minutes of the show before leaving for an event. Then Gene and Walt carried on with some fascinating insights about the misleading unemployment and inflation figures put out by the Labor Dept.

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