Archive for June 2011

The guys discuss the austerity budget passed by Greece's socialist party. Plus domestic monetary news, the early news from the presidential election campaign, and other items.

This week Jake and Walt talk about the second ever Ben Bernanke press conference, plus they explore the many ways that Cong. Ron Paul of Texas is being accepted on a wide variety of his long standing positions on the issues, particularly regarding monetary and foreign policy, to the point where both Republican candidates for President and the Democratic Commander In Chief himself are parroting Paul's positions!

This week, Walt, Jake, and Gene play and discuss the new video by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich which was released today, and they show how he conveniently ignored the most important aspect of the problem: how it is that the rich became super-rich in the first place! In the end, they reveal Reich as being actually a supporter of the system that make the rich into super-rich in the first place, at everyone else's expense!

The guys talk in detail about the plummeting Greek bonds and the likely consequences they will have for Greece, the European Union, the Euro, and yes, the American economy. Also, Jake reports on a filing by GATA on behalf of Bernard Von Nothaus in the Liberty Dollar appeal, and Gene reports on the latest MERS news from a district court in Oregon.

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