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With the August 2nd deadline coming up this coming week, the guys kick around what's really happening with the debt ceiling "crisis" in Washington, DC and show how the real concerns are being masked by all the hot air coming out of the nation's capital.

Walt and Jake take a closer look at the debt ceiling debate, including how it ties into the overall monetary crisis that continues to roil the national and world economy, and Walt opines that the heat wave currently sweeping the country is actually being caused by all of the hot air coming out of the nation's capital.

Mark Deppe and Jeff Greenberg of Legal Forensic Auditors of Warrenton, VA joined the guys to talk about work they've been doing to help homeowners under threat of foreclosures keep their homes by getting the courts to essentially separate control of the home from their obligations under the mortgage note. This show is "must hear" for any listener who has fallen behind on their mortgage payments.

This week's show reported on the latest political scandal in Europe and how they're tied into the debt crisis and the monetary system. Plus, here in the U.S., President Obama tries to prevent similar distress by announcing mortgage relief for certain payers behind in their payments, while Cong. Ron Paul of Texas makes an unusual proposal for temporarily relieving the debt ceiling issue, gaining both plaudits and criticism from both the right and the left.

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