Archive for August 2011

This week we report on how gold may possibly skyrocket due to the repatriation of Venezuela's gold by Hugo Chavez. Plus, we have two guests, Robert Fernandez and his daughter Luciana, who join us to talk about their efforts to create a National Lemonade Stand dayin protest against all the local authorities of late who have been shutting down lemonade stands across the country.

Walt, Gene, and Jake go over the news of the week, including the rise and fall of the stock market as traders expect more recession, plus the hysterically funny Jon Stewart piece on the media's deliberate attempts to ignore the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

This week the guys discussed the S&P downgrade of America's credit rating, plus talked about how the same thing may be about to happen to France, whose AAA rating also looks to be in trouble. Plus Jake has a really funny story about a Florida man who foreclosed on Bank of America.

The guys discuss the 512 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and how it reflects broad market concerns regarding a next round of recession.

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