Archive for September 2011

Jake and Walt are joined by authors Tom S. Morgan and Jimmy Patterson to discuss their recent novel about capital punishment, Chisos Mountain Sunset. Morgan is a defense attorney who brings an interesting perspective regarding how inaccurate the findings are in most capital cases.

This week the guys report on ever-approaching European banking crisis and how it is likely to impact both the markets and the overall economy. Plus Jake reports on how the IRS is going after citizens of other countries who unwittingly hold dual citizenships.

This week we focus once again on the coming European default crisis as American news outlets finally recognize that the European system is falling apart. Plus, Gene has details about the rising poverty rate and Jake tells us about how the economic situation is impacting places like Takoma, Washington where teachers are on strike. Included is a fascinating tidbit from Walt about Sugata Mitra, the Indian educator and his "hole in the wall" approach to educating poverty-ridden children in the streets of India's poorest cities.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announce lawsuits against 17 large banks. Plus Goldman Sachs and China reveal that they're aware of gold price suppression scheme.

This week, we look at how the Euro bailout may be falling apart due to dissension within Angela Merkel's German government. Plus, guest Robin Koerner discusses his founding of "Blue Republicans" at the Huffington Post.

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