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Spain's bond costs are just a few ticks away from the 7% interest level. Experts and analysts have told us for some time now that 7% is unsustainable. The crisis, as we previously reported, is already upon the Eurozone. How will it react? Join the guys as they discuss it in today's show.

As we reported last week, the finger pointing in Spain tells us that the crisis is upon us right now in Europe. This week, Jake and Walt discuss the likelihood of Greece leaving the European Union and what "contagion" really means. Join us as we watch the crisis unfold and help explain what it all REALLY means.

While the PIIGS countries, including Spain and Italy, struggle to deal with rising borrowing costs and austerity budgets, Germany now faces inflation, all thanks to the European Central Bank and the "elastic money" folks. The guys discuss this in detail in today's show.

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