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The secret LIBOR investigations are back in the news this week, as Barclay's Bank settles with U.S. and U.K. regulators for a whopping $453 million...but is this really a large penalty? Meanwhile, 28 banks in Spain get downgraded by Moody's, and Spain's short-term debt triples in one month. What are the ramifications? The guys discuss this and a whole lot more in today's show.

Spain's 10 year notes hit a record high of 7.21% on June 18 before retreating below the magic 7% figure today. Does this mean the worst is over, or is there more to come? Also, the Fed announces the continuation of Operation Twist, but the markets do not react. The guys discuss why this is so in today's show.

Spain's banks got their bailout this past weekend, but the cost of their debt hit 7% anyway today. 7% is the magic number beyond which analysts believe Spain's debt cannot be sustained. What are the implications? The guys will discuss.

Plus, former Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will be on hand to discuss Move To Amend's efforts to distribute stamps with anti-corporate personhood messages to be printed on U.S. dollar bills.

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