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The British Bankers Association voted to end its role as manager of the now-much-aligned LIBOR rate. Will regulators take this function over, and if so what implications with such a move have?

Also, the streets of Spain and Greece heated up with violence this past week as the European Sovereign Bond crisis keeps on keeping on.

Washington economist and George Mason University professor, Dr. Don Boudreaux will tell us his views on the economic outlook of the 2012 election and what needs to happen these next 4 years to get the U.S. back on track.

The Fed meets today to decide what action they will take to revive the economy. Most of Wall Street and the investment world expects some kind of stimulus, and this has been reflected in recent market gains of commodities and precious metals. What will they decide to do, and what will it accomplish? Find out on today's show.

The LIBOR scandal continues to simmer behind the scenes. We will take a look at a curious opinion piece on the subject, plus an article that discusses two different forms of manipulation that likely took place.

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