Archive for October 2012

The Justice Department sues Bank of America for $1 billion for "hustling" mortgages.

Also, Bill Gee reports on "The Chicago Plan", a 1930s monetary and banking system developed primarily by economist Irving Fisher that separates credit from deposits in an attempt to end the boom/bust cycle.

Ben Bernanke says the Fed’s actions do not harm emerging markets. So why did a Bangladeshi man try to blow up the NY Federal Reserve Bank this past week? That's the one question no one in the media is asking, but it's the most important question of all.

This week the guys take a look at a Huffington Post article entitled, "11 Lies About The Federal Reserve" and discuss the misleading statements contained in it.

Also, Spanish bond rates creep back up again toward 6% after the country's credit rating is reduced to one step above junk status.

Real estate prices have begun to surge. Does this mean that the economy is actually improving, or are we beginning to see the first clear signs of the new inflationary storm?

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