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A civil suit was re-filed this week against JP Morgan for manipulating the silver market. Morgan lost a substantial amount of money in the process, so why would they do it? Could it mean central bank involvement?

Bill Westmiller reports this week on efforts in a number of states to have those states issue their own money. We examine the Constitutional issues involved and their likelihood for success or failure, as well as what the ramifications to the money supply would be if such issuances took place.

Also, we will look at a UK article that suggests the world is moving toward a defacto gold standard without the G20 leaders meeting about it.

Plus, North Korea announces it is explicitly targeting the U.S. with nuclear missiles. Is it a real threat, or is it yet another story of a country arming itself with nukes for defensive purposes?

The German Bundesbank announced that they are repatriating their gold stocks back to Germany and out of the hands of the Federal Reserve. Is this the beginning of the end of the dollar as we know it?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues new rules designed to prevent "risky home loan lending". Ohio teachers volunteer for gun training. And is a balanced budget amendment anything more than a pipe dream? Bill Westmiller joins the team as a guest co-host on today's show.

This week we continue our focus on the positives we would experience as a society and as a planet by including an alternative level-steady money supply in the economic mix. Included in the discussion: a look at Egypt and the problems the new government there faces due to its own manipulation of their money supply.

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