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How can you stay positive, focusing on what you want rather than on what you don't want, when your family or work life surrounds you with people who insist on focusing on negative stuff in the real world?

That is the subject of this week's show. Join Uohna, Louise, Mark, and myself as we explore the question of maintaining your focus on what you want without being distracted by all the negatives the world throws at us on a daily basis.

Is fear holding you back? Nearly everyone experiences fear that keeps them from achieving their full potential.

Do you know which side of your brain your fears reside in? It might not surprise you to learn that they're stored in the left side of your brain. The problem gets magnified when we realize that our society is left-brain dominant.

No wonder all the news is negative, most of the entertainment is negative, and most of the communications we receive from social media is negative! It's just our culture feeding its left-brain dominant self!

This week on LOA Today, the Law of Attraction show, we explore the left brain and the right brain, as well as how the two sides of our brain impact us and hold us back from attracting the good, positive things we most want into our lives.  

This week on LOA Today: critics of the Law of Attraction claim that it cannot be true that we attract into our lives what we think and feel about because of the evidence of horrible things that happen to the innocent in this life. They point out that it's absurd and insulting to say, for instance, that the people who died in the Holocaust attracted their fate to themselves, that there is no way that innocent fetuses could attract debilitating conditions like cerebral palsy to themselves, that young children could attract being raped or sold into slavery or something similar. Well, we don't duck the hard questions on LOA Today, and we answer these really hard questions along with discussing much more mundane questions such as how to attract anything from better weather to parking places to changes in your personal circumstances.

Virtually everyone suffers from this extremely common form of addiction, but almost no one knows it. 

We're talking about FEAR. 

When people worry, agonize, or suffer anxiety about various things in their lives, this is really an addiction to fear. 

How do you know it's really an addiction?

When the same kinds of scenarios keep cropping up over and over again in your life, it's because you (or your subconscious mind) keep creating new opportunities to feel the same fears and anxieties. 

That's addiction to FEAR.

Addiction to Fear,  Part II, this week on LOA Today.

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