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If you don't enjoy what you do for a living, what options do you have? Experts suggest finding what you do want to do, and that's a good idea. But what should you do in the meantime?

This week on LOA Today, we discuss enjoying what you do when you don't enjoy what you do.

This week on LOA Today, we will devote the entire show to telling positive, motivating stories about how applying the Law of Attraction in our own lives has made a big difference, especially in the past couple of weeks! We decided we would try to do an entire show where we only mention positive stories without telling negative stories. Will we succeed? Tune in and decide for yourself!

Do you pinch off? That's the phrase that Abraham-Hicks and other Law of Attraction experts use to describe turning away from source energy.

This week on LOA Today, we talk about pinching off … why we do it … how we do it … and how we can turn it around, start to feel good again, and start attracting what we really want to attract into our lives.

I'm Walt Thiessen. Join Mark, Uohna, and myself this Thursday at 7 PM Eastern time as we discuss pinching off and how you have the power to stop pinching off and start attracting what you really want.

That's LOA Today, the Law of Attraction show, this Thursday at 7 PM Eastern Time, here on PRN.

If you need to feel wealthy in order to attract wealth into your life, and you don't know what it's like to feel wealthy … well … how can you attract wealth?

If you're feeling depressed, angry, afraid, frustrated, or facing some kind of crisis, how can you turn things around? The Law of Attraction teaches us that you have start feeling positive again even though you feel so negative. Such a requirement can seem overwhelming when you're in the depths of despair.

This week on LOA Today, we talk about physical activity and exercise as the easiest initial steps to take to turn your attitude and your life around.

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