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Joel Elston ate out of a dumpster. Then he sat on a bench. Then he turned his life around. Well, it wasn't quite that easy, but it's a remarkable story nevertheless. This week we welcome back a previous guest, Joel Elston, in celebration of his new book, The Bench, a story of one's man's journey to health, happiness, and success, all by applying the Law of Attraction.

In January 2013, I interviewed a young woman named Lauren Galley, who in high school started a Girls Above Society. Her organization began as a way to combat bullying and to empower teenage girls to feel better about themselves. Today, her organization has grown like wildfire. Her website includes regular features like Girl Talk, a series of presentations about self-image, bullying, and empowerment. She has given a TED talk and now has her own radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

As a follow-up to last week's show, this week we reach once more into the time vault and play a follow-up interview with Bob Burg one year later, in December 2013 upon the release of his latest book, "Adversaries into Allies: Master the Art of Ultimate Influence".

We jump into the Wayback Machine to December 2012 when I interviewed Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver. We talked about all the different ways in life that the giving mentality helps people succeed in their lives in a myriad number of ways. For those who want to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives and careers in a way that they also financially benefit, this interview is perfect.

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