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What if we lived in a world where everything was backward, like Bizarro Superman who is an evil version of Superman living in an evil universe? We discuss today how this creates a useful mental exercise for understanding exactly how the Law of Attraction works ... and how it doesn't work.

Who is the real you? That's the question we explore every day of our lives in one way or another. How we explore it affects what we attract, as we discuss in today's show.

Those darn spirals! When they're positive spirals, they feel great. It feels like you can't do anything wrong. But the negative spirals are the worst. One misstep seems to lead to another. In today's show, we talk about getting out of negative spirals and into positive spirals.


This week on LOA Today Joel and Walt talk about the Law of Attraction in every day activities, starting off with two stories about how our pre-call mindset directly affects our experience when calling a major call center of a major company.

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