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This week we continue our discussion about dealing with adversity and the various ways that we get stuck in our old expectations, as well as what it takes to start setting new and better expectations.

Today we discuss the role that adversity plays both in our daily lives and in deliberate use and application of the Law of Attraction. Joel tells some stories from his own life where adversity led to unexpected happiness and success.

We have a lot of reasons for not taking action, but the simple truth is that we are much more likely to attract what we want if we take action in the general direction of what we want. So today we "take action" by talking about the importance of taking action.

Happiness in the news? Well, yes and no. There are plenty of articles that talk about happiness in the news, but most of them take a contrary view of it. We look at some of the more ludicrously ridiculous claims made by some very serious, mainstream media outlets based upon some very ludicrous, mainstream medical research reports.

Not only is the human liver an excellent metaphor for how to use the Law of Attraction in your life, but it turns out that you can also use the Law of Attraction to heal the human liver!

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