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Pets ... did you know that they can play a major role in helping us put the Law of Attraction to work in a positive way in our lives? Not only do pets help traumatized kids (and adults), but they also inspire us to focus on the moment, to give and receive unconditional love, and to truly appreciate the simple things in live. We talk today about all the wonderful ways that pets impact our daily lives.

Dreaming is a necessary (and fun!) part of attracting what you want to attract into your life. This week, we discuss how to use your dreams to get what you want. It's really the first step in the process.

Are you listening? If you listen closely, the universe and the many players and events in your life are giving you important clues to help you live more happily, successfully, and deliberately. But so many of us go through life failing to listen closely to the clues we receive. This week we discuss this key skill and how listening helps us to attract what we most want to attract in our lives.

Can you get cocky when using the Law of Attraction? Absolutely yes, because being cocky or arrogant actual puts you out of alignment with your source energy, which is where all the bad stuff happens. This week we talk about the difference between "fake it 'til you make it" and "being cocky", and how to avoid putting your wrong foot forward unintentionally.


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