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When you try to attract something into your life, should you focus on the grand ideas generally, or should you pick something specific and detailed on which you can give extra attention to the details?

Joel tells a fascinating personal story that illustrates quite nicely which is the better approach.

It's amazing that Joel and Walt have been doing the show together for nearly a year now, yet they haven't talked about individuality and the Law of Attraction. After all, both are libertarians philosophically. So they decided that the topic was long overdue. If you really want to understand how the Law of Attraction works in your life, you MUST understand that, while we are all connected, we are also all individuals, and we can ultimately only affect our own attractions. This includes the idea that we can't really change someone else's mind. Only they can do that.

Joel visited the bench this past week, the same bench for which he titled his book. He shares with us the fantastic, LOA-related experiences he had in the process.

The movie The Secret kicked off a huge wave of Law of Attraction gurus, some of whom appeared in the movie itself and had already been teaching the concepts involved for many years. The difficulty is that some gurus are better than others at explaining how it all works. This week Joel and Walt talk about their favorite LOA gurus and how they incorporate their teachings into every day life.

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