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It's Thanksgiving Day, a day to be grateful. But it's also a day to be persistent. In fact, every day is a day to be persistent in maintaining our positive focus. This week, Joel and Walt talk about the vitally important topic of persistence. If you truly want to attract your biggest dreams into your life, you must be persistent. We talk about how to do it.


The most difficult thing for new practitioners of the Law of Attraction to understand and apply is the concept of resistance.

We are told that when we fail to manifest what we try to attract, it's because we're resisting.

Here's the rub: most of us aren't aware that we're resisting. And once we understand that's what's happening, the next question becomes: how can I stop resisting if I can't even feel myself resisting?

That's the question Joel and Walt address in today's show.


This year's election is over, and it's time to ask yourself a simple question. No matter whether your preferred candidate won or lost, which end of the stick did you ask for?

The overwhelming characteristic of this year's election cycle was that so many people focused on what they didn't want. That tendency generally produces the opposite of what people originally intend. Over the next 4 years, we will see the consequences of that national wish played out.

Please forgive the technical glitches with Joel's voice this week. Our connection was less than desirable when we recorded the program.

Still, even with the glitches, this program is well worth listening to. 

Walt and Joel spend this episode talking about the things the appreciate in their own lives, in the hope that our listeners will be inspired to engage in a similar, internal examination to be grateful for what's great about their own lives.

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