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We continue with our discussion of Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This week in our third episode, it's Chapter 4: Autosuggestion.

In some ways this is the most important chapter in the book because it ties the two previous chapters together and provides the foundation for how the TAGS (Think And Grow Rich) program really works.

Think and Grow Rich, Episode 2. That's the topic of this week's show as we continue our exploration of the classic book by Napoleon Hill.

This week, we focus on Chapter 3: Faith. Walt tells a story about how this chapter directly impacts his life as recently as the night before we recorded the episode.

We also explore in detail the close relationship between Desire and Faith in attracting great wealth and success into your life.

Napoleon Hill's classic book, Think And Grow Rich, will be the topic of the next few episodes. We start it with this week's show. The book is now in the public domain, so there are a number of places online you can get it for free, including at So grab a copy and read the chapters with us as we discuss the books highlights over the next few week.

The holidays are a time for bonding, among other things, and this week we focus on bonding and the role it plays in getting the Law of Attraction to work to our highest and greatest benefit in life.

Plus it's a great opportunity for Joel to brag about his new foster son!

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