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The good news is that Joel is back! The bad news is that the reason he's been away for the past two weeks is because his mom died suddenly and unexpectedly.

But Joel has also mastered the art of successfully dealing with grief, and he shares his secret method with us.

You will be amazed at how positive he feels after such a negative event in his life!

With Joel on personal leave for a second week in a row, Uohna once again steps up to the mic. This week we talk about how we deal with down times when it's hard to get your mind back on a positive track. We're hoping that Joel will be back on the mic next week.

Joel takes this week off for personal reasons, so Walt gets joined by some old friends here on LOA Today: his brother Mark and sister-in-law Uohna to continue our discussion of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

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