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David Bratky is Walt's new co-host, bringing his many years of experience as a Law Of Attraction coach to the show. This week the guys get to know each other and explore the similarities and differences between them in their approaches to the Law Of Attraction.


Sadly, this week we say goodbye to Joel Elston, whose life has become so full with all the great stuff happening in it that he must regretfully leave our show behind.

Mark and Uohna join Walt this week to discuss the Neuroscience of Feeling Good. Next week, Walt is joined by a new co-host.

The News: Changing Your Focus. Joel is still away getting his new treatment center set up, so Uohna jumps in once again to share her insights into how to change your focus away from the things you want to attract what you do want into your life. This is a fun show this week, so don't skip it!


Focus: it's the most important part of applying the Law of Attraction. When we don't get what we ask for, it's because we allow our focus to wander to what we don't want, rather than what we do want.

This week we talk about our own struggles with maintaining focus and discuss some of the techniques we use to regain our focus when it starts to elude us.

Joel is still on hiatus, working to get his new Law Of Attraction-based treatment center

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