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Visit From a Psychic Friend

Jill Kneer, a friend of David's who visits us on tonight's show, shares some of her background with EFT (tapping) and psychic mediumship.

I Have So Little Money with No Improvement In Sight (from The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Part II)

This is probably the #1 concern people have when they explore the Law of Attraction for their own lives, so we'll see if we can slay the dragon.

My Friend Talks About Me Behind My Back (from The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Part II)

In this 11th example, Abraham says, "If you spend much time trying to figure out why she is doing this, you will only hold yourself in the vibration of it longer and begin to attract more of it, until you may find yourself with more than one friend behaving this way." David and Walt discuss.

I Am A Teenager (from The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Part II)

"We know that it feels to you as if it is [your parents'] behavior that is causing your discomfort, but if you can come to the realization that you do have options about their behavior, then and only then will you discover a sense a freedom right where you stand," says Abraham. David and Walt discuss.

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