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Joel has finished his metaphysics doctorate and shares his plans for the next steps in the evolution of his own Law of Attraction knowledge. He also tells the story of his visit to the town of his birth, Plant City, FL, this past week where he gave a talk at the local Chamber of Commerce.


It's all about alignment. Linda and Walt discuss.


Joel and Walt have their usual rocking-good time discussing how we get all bogged down when planning and how taking action is the best way to get "unstuck" when planning.

This is the title of a talk Joel is scheduled to give on August 22nd to the Plant City Chamber of Commerce in Plant City, FL. We get a special preview of that talk in today's episode.


We Influence Others By Changing Our Perspective

Someone posted a question on Facebook about how to get someone to call you. This kind of simple question gets asked in many different ways every day. Joel and Walt discuss what's involved with that perspective and what changes a person with that perspective needs to make in order to get more of what they want in life.

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