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A listener wrote in to ask us to discuss boundaries, so we devote the
entire episode to that topic. Really good stuff!

Also, if you would like to contribute your own gratitudes to our
Thanksgiving gratitudes episode, click here to record a selfie video of
yourself talking about what you’re grateful for this holiday season, and
we will include your gratitudes in the episode!


Rhiannon Smith - Tarot, Reiki, and Law of Attraction Coach

Cindie took the day off to celebrate her wedding anniversary, so Walt
brought onto the show a listener who is also a coach in her own right.

Rhiannon Smith is a professional tarot reader, Certified Reiki Master
and Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

She combines tarot reading guidance with the powerful creative
techniques she has learned as a law of attraction coach, as well as
energy healing and blockage clearing that she learned as a Reiki Master.

We get to know Rhiannon and how she weaves her very personal combination
of her listed skills into a practice that helps provide clarity,
guidance, and healing for her clients.

Her website is:

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Debbie Garcia - Spirituality Gone Wild

Take a woman who suffered through abusive relationships, add in a hefty
dose of codependence, mix in some serious drug and alcohol abuse, add 5
cups of victimhood mentality, and the result is a homeless woman with
kids and a car living on a beach in California with nowhere to go.

Now take that same woman and mix in some serious attitude of gratitude,
a ton of mindfulness, and an extraordinary series of bumps along the road.

That’s Debbie G., and she graces our podcast today to tell some of her
story and the life lessons she picked up along the way. True inspiration!

Her website:

The Stream of David will be back next Tuesday.

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On Being Worthy

Cindie receives a letter from a listener asking us to do a deep dive on
the topic of being and feeling worthy.

Jody wrote in to say:

Hi Cindie, I love listening to you on LOA Today. I have a suggestion for
a show topic. (I am a relatively new listener so apologies if you have
done this one before.)

I would love if you did a show about being/feeling "worthy". A lot of
the shows touch on the topic, but I would really benefit from a deep
dive into the subject. I've discovered my feelings of unworthiness are
entrenched from childhood, causing me feelings of defensiveness,
misdirected anger, and guilt. I would love an LOA Today episode that
would help us listeners unravel all that.

Be sure to tell a friend about the LOA Today app as well. Just give them
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