Walt Thiessen offers a personal commentary on his discussion of ObamaCare with a contributor to Nolan Chart, while Bill Westmiller reviews some of the recent healthcare developments that aren't making the headlines.   The Affordable Care Act isn't matching Obama's promise of an average $2,500 reduction in health insurance premiums, but the co-hosts find a host of other problems still over the horizon. Meanwhile, RomneyCare couldn't adapt to the new federal rules, so their insurance exchange crashed and won't be resuscitated for another year.   An anti-libertarian rant from arch-conservative Rick Santorum probably won't affect Rand Paul's growing support for the GOP nomination. Santorum remains in the single digits of public polling.   China and Russia have decided to work together to eliminate the "petro dollar" monopoly on fuel exchanges. The hosts speculate about the effect on FED inflation and the U.S. economy.

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