Walt Thiessen and Bill Westmiller thrash through their own views on government spending, private  surveillance, and new  forms of education.  Minor government spending cuts, called "sequestration" resulted in the loss of ONE government job. The co-hosts discuss the ways that bureaucracies deal with fixed spending levels and public  demands for transparency and  reform.  A new administration report on "big  data" didn't have any news, but Thiessen and Westmiller tackle the distinctions  between public (NSA) monitoring  and private commercial monitoring, with a few tips on how to reduce your  exposure to commercial pop-ups, ads, and other  impediments to getting web content.  Walt noted that the Common Core push has resulted in a lot of criticism  and educational alternatives being made  available to parents and students  outside the normal government schooling  bureaucracy. He describes a private school system he's working on and Bill  chimed n with a few examples of free  internet educational services that are becoming very popular. The co-hosts agree on radical changes that will make real  education possible for students in the future. 

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