Co-hosts Walt Thiessen and Bill Westmiller  deplore the passage of the  so-called "USA Freedom Act", originally intended to  restrain NSA surveillance,  but modified at the last minute to EXPAND NSA  power.  The leadership of the House of Representatives basically caved in  to every  NSA-Justice Department demand for provisions that actually extend the   Fourth-Amendment violations of the government's Surveillance State.  Bill  itemizes some of the changes that extend NSA power and authority over  otherwise  "private" communications of Americans. Walt hopes that the  gimmicks inserted  into the law will be overturned by the Supreme Court.  China and Russia  have agreed to a multi-billion-dollar deal that will  reduce U.S. control of  international oil, gas, and power, by eliminating the  U.S. dollar as the  standard for trading. Walt notes the potential effects on  energy inflation for  American consumers.  New Housing starts are still lower than they were  after World War II,  primarily because of the "bubble" created by legislation and  the "Quantitative  Easing" of the Federal banking system. Walt reviews the  effects of  expanding fiat currency as the primary cause for inflation in all  consumer prices.

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