Walt Thiessen and Bill Westmiller discuss ObamaCare changes, lawsuits and revisions, as well as new currency and monetary developments.
After testifying that March 31st was an absolute deadline for buying medical insurance on exchanges, the HHS announced a six-week "special" extension for those who check a website box, claiming they had problems enrolling.
The administration probably won't meet its reduced subscription goals for ACA coverage, but it isn't releasing critical data regarding who has actually paid premiums, nor how many of the formerly 30-million uninsured are now insured. The co-hosts discuss all the conflicting numbers on the ACA website and polls showing that most of the uninsured don't even know that they are required to buy policies or enroll in MedicAid coverage. A Supreme Court hearing on religious exemptions from ObamaCare requirements was also discussed.
The IRS has made a ruling on the novel computer BitCoin currency, deciding that it isn't a currency at all, but rather "property", equivalent to buying a commodity, which requires users of BitCoin to report profits or losses on every transaction. This conflicts with prior demands from another agency that required BitCoin sellers to register as "currency exchange businesses".
China is going to implement personal bankruptcy laws to recover their losses on loans that went to "ghost cities" and failed businesses. The action follows the loss of several billion yuan on a solar manufacturing company.
There are new proposals to "reform" Fannie and Freddie mortgage institutions, while the Federal Housing Agency imposed new fines on banks that issued risky housing loans to comply with federal regulations. The host discuss the role of the FEDeral Reserve System in bailing out the two quasi-government agencies by printing new money.

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