Co-hosts Walt Thiessen and Bill Westmiller discuss monetary events, government surveillance, and medical insurance reforms.
Is protectionism the solution to 'currency manipulation' by China? Is the FED 'manipulating currency' with Quantitative Easing?
The hosts discuss the use of the term 'capitalism' as corporatism in progressive literature, as well as the historic and logical basis for corporate limited liability.
Latest news on the NSA: how the agency is using private viruses, netbots, and other types of malicious software to collect data on Americans.
Senator Feinstein's hypocritical rant over CIA surveillance and manipulation of her staff's investigations, while applauding surveillance of average Americans.
Obamacare numbers: what we know the government knows about ACA 'enrollments', but isn't telling the public. The hosts discuss the 'moral hazard' inherent in any third-party insurance payment programs, whether by governments or employers.

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