Joel Elston Pays Us A Visit

Cindie has been dealing with some illness the past few days, and while
she’s feeling better, we both thought it would be best for her to take
the day off.

Fortunately for us, our old friend Joel Elston had some last-minute time
available in his calendar for a return visit!

We spend most of the show talking about the many wonderful opportunities
and situations that are playing out right now, before our eyes, in the
midst of Covid, racial tensions, economic downturns, and all of the
other horrible stuff the media want us to focus our attention on.

But as we explain during the conversation today, there are so many
amazing seeds of growth being planted today it’s actually impossible to
count them all.

But we can certainly enjoy the ride!

Enjoy the conversation, and also, tell a friend to tell a friend about
the LOA Today app. Give them this link to subscribe:

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