Introducing Ami Blackford

When Louis de Souza first joined the show, it happened this way. He was
a listener, and he reached out to me via email one day to say that he
really would like the opportunity to come on the show sometime. So I
brought him on with Joel Elston, who at that time was co-hosting the
Thursday show with me. Today, we introduce another listener who is doing
a Louis de Souza. Today is her audition. Will she pass the audition?

Spoiler Alert: She’ll be back next Monday!

After that fateful podcast, Joel told me that if there was any way I
could get Louis onto the show on a regular basis that it would help the
show immeasurably. He was right.

This time, I didn’t need any prompting. Amy’s audition was a home run.
The chemistry with Louis in particular was awesome. So we are looking
forward to having her join us Mondays on a regular basis.

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