Dan Mangena brings us another guest today, and once again he’s a huge hit.

Born Neomaya De’Jesus Davila, Neo Positivity is what he calls himself
these days, and he certainly lives up to his name.

He tells us a bit about his journey, which starts like so many such
journeys have started by watching the movie, The Secret.

The surprise twist to this story is that he was given this movie to
watch by a fellow cop on the SWAT team the police department in Camden,
NJ where he worked under cover in the same town where he grew up!

What followed was the development of an amazing life living an amazing

Neo shares some of his secrets, and one of them is something Walt had
never heard before.

Neo calls it “The Watcher”.

It’s what you feel when you’re being watched, and he believes that The
Watcher is actually God.

So when you learn to be careful about what you say before The Watcher,
your dreams start to come true!

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