Coronavirus And The Law Of Attraction

The pandemic is on everyone’s lips today. It’s dominating all of the
newscasts. It’s all over social media. And people are freaking out about it.

Alyx has a lot of personal experience with anxiety issues, so this
seemed like the perfect time to address what is largely a negative
topic. We try to stay on the happy side of things, but we aren’t afraid
to delve into the tough stuff either, and we proved it again today.

What we came up with were some really good strategies for not only
continuing to attract health to all of our own lives, but we also set
forth a group healing effort to help those who are currently fighting
for their lives with the disease. We’re hoping that the combined efforts
of the approximately 650 of us, including all of you listeners, to focus
our attention on helping these afflicted people back to help will have a
measurable impact on the pandemic. Please join us!

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