Okay, now this episode was clearly whacked!

Before we got started, Dan’s mic didn’t work. He logged off and logged
back on.

Then Alyx disappeared from the studio. Then she reappeared.

We started the show. Walt went live to start the broadcast, but it
didn’t start!

10 minutes later, we noticed that it still wasn’t working.

We restarted the show. A few minutes in, Walt gets knocked offline.

When Walt got back on, we started talking about Converse’s latest
Instagram marketing campaign and how it focused on … devil worship! Or
more precisely it focused on the inverted pentagram.

A few minutes later Alyx got knocked off, never to return.

So Dan and Walt carried on a conversation about how such ideas get going
and keep going.

And the entire episode then concluded 11 minutes early.

As Alyx told us afterward, it was time to go back to bed and start the
day again!

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