Giving, Receiving, And Deciding When Not To Receive

This episode starts with a warm email from a listener and then evolves
into a full discussion about giving, receiving, and deciding when not to

Amy sent the following email:

On a fairly recent podcast ( I don’t remember which one), you were
talking about how you came to LOA later in life. I wanted to thank you
for sharing because that is me as well. Very similar background it
seems. Since I am learning all this later in life, I feel like I missed
the boat. I now constantly keep telling myself that the past is the past
and try to get past the old regrets. I keep LOA-ing daily. Your podcast
has been super helpful.

We love getting questions and comments from readers, so use the LOA
Today app to send in your question or comment, and we will feature it on
the next episode that features the co-host you send it to!

Walt suggests that giving and receiving are part of a continuous circuit
and that it pays off for us to always be mindful of giving and receiving
at all times.

We also field a question from Nashia in the livestream about what to do
when someone gives you something that you don’t want, such as insults or
other abusive treatment.

Also, Walt shares the great news that the repairs to the LOA Today app
have been completed, and he asks that any listeners still having issues
with the app to send him a note using the question form on the app to
let him know what they’re experiencing. The more details you can supply,
the better!

Be sure to tell a friend about the LOA Today app as well. Just give them
this link:

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