Introducing Monique Scott

Cindie Chavez is taking the next couple months off as a kind of
sabbatical, so Walt invited Monique Scott to fill in for her in the interim.

Monique was a guest on the show a couple of weeks ago, and she really
impressed everyone.

So asking her to join the team was a no-brainer, and she made it even
easier by immediately giving us an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

We started by reading a letter from listener Deborah talking about what
she liked about Monday’s show.

Then we got into an extended discussion about the importance of building
self-love, and this opened the door to reveal a number of surprising
similarities in Walt’s and Monique’s backgrounds and experiences,
including the fact that they both roomed with drug dealers in college!

This was a great first official episode with Monique, who is going to
work into the team here on LOA Today really well.

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