Joel Elston Returns To LOA Today For One Day

This episode was a total labor of love for Walt as he welcomes back his
long-time co-host to fill in for Cindie Chavez, who was off today
celebrating her birthday.

Joel Elston did nearly 120 episodes with Walt during the earlier years
of the podcast, and bringing him back was just like old times.

We learn that Joel is just a few months away from finishing a book he’s
been working on for a number of years called, The Law of Action. It
emphasizes all of the reasons why Joel so firmly believes from both his
practice as a therapist and later as a life coach, as well as from his
own personal experiences that taking action is one of the best
attraction-based things you can do.

This runs contrary to what so many LOA teachers teach, but it actually
makes sense when we understand that the purpose for taking action is to
shake things up, to give yourself a change of perspective. And in
gaining that new perspective, we allow some pretty amazing things to happen.

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