Relationships and the Law of Attraction

After nearly two years of discussing the books of Neville Goddard,
Cindie and Walt begin a new track today focusing upon relationships. And
while we mean interpersonal relationships, as Cindie points out in this
first episode on the topic, all of our life is about relationships.

We have relationships not only with other people but with money, our
health, our jobs, our day-to-day concerns … really we have relationships
with every aspect of our lives!

This is going to be an ongoing topic for the Wednesday edition of the
show heading into the foreseeable future, and we welcome your input. So
if you have a question or a topic you would like us to discuss, contact
us, and we will include your topic or question on the show.

You can reach us on Facebook, via the website, or by email. So send
those questions and topics in so we can talk about the relationships in
all of our lives and how to make better ones.

Next week we plan to go into more detail about how to build up that
self-love that we discuss during this show, the self-love that is so
intrinsic to a happier, healthier you in all of your relationships.

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