Wednesday Relationships Q&A

We asked for questions from listeners, and we got some great ones. Keep
them coming!

Josephine (via YouTube): I love your podcast. I have an idea for
something you can discuss with this series of
relationships-relationships with artistic creative projects, like Walt’s
relationship with computer programming. You can discuss book writing and
the importance of letting the writing flow as opposed to forcing. The
same goes for attracting romantic relationships.

Nashia: My question is how to move on. At times we are so hurt with
people. How can we trust again? How can we move on to the next
relationship? How can we basically deal with resistance, and how can we
allow a guy or a girl to come near us in order to start love from scratch?

Also, we drew some questions from social media conversations.

Natalia: How can I stop my anxiety? It has been really affecting me
recently at work and in personal life. I have been very worried about
coronavirus, relationships, and feeling stressed in general at work. Not
coping well and appreciate any advice.

Margot: Dear Abraham friends, I am currently dealing with a very strong
manipulating colleague and I notice it’s giving me a hard time. I feel
emotional and stressed. I am trying to find a way to change my point of
attention but experience that it is difficult to let go of the stress.
Do you have any suggestions or advice how to change it? And why did I
attract this?

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