Reworking Your Blueprint

Dan very casually starts talking about a concept that really catches
Walt’s and Alyx’s attention, the idea that besides old thoughts
vibrating in our subconscious minds, there can also be items in our
“blueprint” from past lives, alternative universes, etc. that are
impacting our conscious creation experiences.

If you’ve ever worked on something in yourself, and you think you’ve
finally gotten it licked, then suddenly one day it emerges again
seemingly out of nowhere, that’s usually a good sign that you’ve got
something on your blueprint popping up again.

The concept is very similar and compatible with the kind of energy
healing work that Linda Armstrong talks about on the Friday podcasts.

Also, we give listeners a “heads-up” about some special guests we have
coming to visit the show next week. That’s how we kick of the episode today.

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