Santa Claus and The Law of Attraction

Daniel sends us a holiday-specific question that makes a perfect
discussion for today’s show.

He writes:

“Hey everyone happy holidays! Hey guys, love the show it’s really
helpful, fun and happy! I don’t know if you have ever discussed this
before but I thought it would fun to talk about Santa Claus and the law
of attraction. If there was enough belief from the world would we
manifest a physical Santa at the North Pole? I know that children
manifest the gifts under the tree and in a way that to me is a
manifestation of their belief in Santa. And I know that Rita and Linda
connect to archangel Michael and other saints. I wonder if they can
connect to Santa the same way. I also wonder about when we feel the
“Christmas spirit” are we connecting to Santa energy. Thanks for your
time. Who ever you want to ask is fine with me. Keep up the good work!”

The answer may blow your mind, but don’t worry. You’ll get over it.

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