Seedtime and Harvest: A Mystical View of the Scriptures, by Neville
Goddard, Chapter 1 and 2

We’re back with another Neville book for Neville Day!

Neville begins this book in Chapter 1 by clarifying that the Bible is a
psychological, symbolic play rather than an historical report about real
people. Then in Chapter 2 he launches into his interpretation of The
Four Mighty Ones. He presents the concept using two different symbolic
approaches, which when taken together point-for-point illustrate clearly
how Neville views the human soul.

One model is based upon the “play” of our lives having a producer,
author, director, and actor. The other model relies upon the concept of
Jehovah’s King, Jehovah’s servant, Jehovah’s man, and Jehovah himself.
These are the four aspects of the human soul, and the two models
together reveal a number of interesting insights.

He concludes the chapter with two stories to illustrate how these
aspects play out in real-life manifestation situations. We especially
like the fact that he demonstrates they same kinds of stops and starts
in his own process that each of us also experience in our own processes.

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