Seedtime and Harvest, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 5

This chapter bears the title, “The Game of Life,” which is a very
similar title to one of the books by a favorite author of Cindie’s,
Florence Scovill Schinn. That book is entitled, The Game of Life and How
to Play It.

We both express amazement when after beginning the show talking about
how it’s so much easier to help others than to help ourselves, we see
read Neville quoting Shakespeare, “I can easier teach twenty what were
good to be done, than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.”

In fact, this becomes a “me too” moment for Neville as he acknowledges
early in the chapter that he has as much trouble as anyone in applying
the teachings that he shares with his audience.

The chapter’s focus is on the importance of understanding what he calls
“the rules of life” because we need to know both the object of the game
and the rules of the game. And as he points out, with life the rules
never change.

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