Two weeks ago we did a show where we talked about race and judgment. As
per usual with the Law of Attraction, the reverberations from that
conversation continued to this week.

Today, Alyx tells us a story of what happened when the sales manager of
the venue where her upcoming wedding has been planned on Cape Cod made
the inconceivable mistake of telling her in writing that, despite having
a staff of people to help with a bride’s make-up, they didn’t have
anyone on staff who could “handle your skin tone.”

This happened despite the fact that they did, in fact, have someone on
staff who specialized in providing makeup services to brides of color.

We end up turning it into an opportunity to laugh an human folly while
shaking our heads in disbelief.

But boy oh boy! It sure is a lesson about how consistently the Law of
Attraction works. You focus your attention on something, and you
definitely get more of it, whether you want it or not!

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